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  1. Pilot
  2. Deep Throat
  3. Squeeze
  4. Conduit
  5. The Jersey Devil
  6. Shadows
  7. Ghost in the Machine
  8. Ice
  9. Space
  10. Fallen Angel
  11. Eve
  12. Fire
  13. Beyond the Sea
  14. Genderbender
  15. Lazarus
  16. Young at Heart
  17. E.B.E
  18. Miracle Man
  19. Shapes
  20. Darkness Falls
  21. Tooms
  22. Born Again
  23. Roland
  24. The Erlenmeyer Flask
  • Season 2 
  1. Little Green Men
  2. The Host
  3. Blood 
  4. Sleepless
  5. Duane Barry
  6. Ascension 
  7. 3
  8. One Breath
  9. Firewalker
  10. Red Museum 
  11. Exelsis Dei
  12. Aubrey
  13. Irresistible
  14. Die Hand Die Verletzt
  15. Fresh Bones
  16. Colony
  17. End Game
  18. Fearful Symmerty
  19. Dod Kalm
  20. Hambug
  21. The Calusari
  22. F. Emasculata
  23. Soft Light
  24. Our Town
  25. Anasazi
  • Season 3
  1. The Blessing Way
  2. Paper Clip
  3. D.P.O
  4. Clyde Buckman’s Final Repose
  5. The List
  6. 2 Shy
  7. The Walk
  8. Oubliette
  9. Nisei
  10. 731
  11. Revelations
  12. War of the Coprophages
  13. Syzygy
  14. Grotesque
  15. Piper Maru
  16. Apocrypha
  17. Pusher
  18. Teso Dos Bitchos
  19. Hell Money
  20. Jose Chung’s From Outer Space
  21. Avatar
  22. Quagmire
  23. Wetwired
  24. Talitha Cumi
  • Season 4
  1. Herrenvolk
  2. Home
  3. Teliko
  4. Unruhe
  5. The Filed Where I Died
  6. Sanguinarium
  7. Musigns of a Cigarette-Smoking Man
  8. Tunguska
  9. Terma
  10. Paper Hearts
  11. El Mundo Gira
  12. Leonard Betts
  13. Never Again
  14. Memento Mori
  15. Kaddish
  16. Unrequited
  17. Tempus Fugit
  18. Max
  19. Synchrony
  20. Small Potatoes
  21. Zero Sum
  22. Elegy 
  23. Demons
  24. Getshemane
  • Season 5
  1. Redux
  2. Redux II
  3. Unusual Suspects
  4. Detour
  5. Post-Modern Prometheus
  6. Christmas Carol
  7. Emily
  8. Kitsunegari
  9. Schizogeny
  10. Chinga
  11. Kill Switch 
  12. Bad Blood
  13. Patient X
  14. The Red and The Black
  15. Travelers
  16. Mind’s Eye
  17. All Souls
  18. The Pine Bluff Variant
  19. Folie a Deux
  20. The End
  • Season 6
  1. The Beginning
  2. Drive
  3. Triangle
  4. Dreamland
  5. Dreamland II
  6. How The Ghosts Stole Christmas
  7. Terms of Endearment
  8. The Rain King
  9. S.R 819
  10. Tithonus
  11. Two Fathers
  12. One Son
  13. Agua Mala
  14. Monday 
  15. Arcadia 
  16. Alpha
  17. Trevor
  18. Milagro
  19. The Unnatural
  20. Three of a Kind
  21. Filed Trip
  22. Biogenesis
  • Season 7
  1. The Sixth Extinction
  2. The Sixth Extinction: Amor Fati
  3. Hungry
  4. Millenium
  5. Rush
  6. The Goldberg Variation
  7. Orison
  8. The Amazing Maleeni
  9. Signs and Wonders
  10. Sein und Zeit
  11. Closure
  12. X-Cops
  13. First Person Shooter
  14. Theef
  15. En Ami
  16. Chimera
  17. All Things
  18. Brand X
  19. Hollywood A.D
  20. Fight Club
  21. Je Souhaite
  22. Requiem
  • Season 8
  1. Within
  2. Without
  3. Patience
  4. Roadrunners
  5. Invocation
  6. RedRum
  7. Via Negativa
  8. Surekill
  9. Salvage
  10. Badlaa
  11. The Gift
  12. Medusa
  13. Per Manum
  14. This is not Happening
  15. Deadalive
  16. Three Words
  17. Empedocles
  18. Vienen
  19. Alone
  20. Essence
  21. Existence
  • Season 9
  1. Nothing Important Happend Today
  2. Nothing Important Happend Today II
  3. Damonicus
  4. 4-D
  5. Lord of the Files
  6. Trust No 1
  7. John Doe
  8. Hellbound
  9. Provenance
  10. Providence
  11. Audrey Pauley
  12. Underneath
  13. Improbable
  14. Scary Monsters
  15. Jump the Shark
  16. William
  17. Release
  18. Sunshine Days
  19. The Truth
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TXF: Fight to the Future

TXF: I Want to Believe

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On playing any character on the show, major or minor, regardless of gender.

"I would like to be Gillian Anderson, but that’s different.” - Mads Mikkelsen

Wouldn’t we all

Anonymous said: its probably something related to the comics, anyway what do you think it is? or at least what do you want it to be?

I have honestly no idea Anon’ … I am hoping for something big though, something that will be so undeniable that XF3 will just *need* to happen! :)

Can someone explain this to me?! I am hyperventilating at the fact that Chris Carter and FOX have approved something that was cooked up. Could it even be?!

gillian anderson


reblog if u agree


So, I went to see A Streetcar Named Desire…

And it was pretty awesome to say the least. I’ll write a real ”critic” about it later on but for now, I just want to share how freaking happy I am.

I arrived well in advance, walked all the way from my hotel in Victoria. Got a drink at the bar and watched the lottery results unfold. Many people had been trying to get hold of those golden tickets, many planned to try again the next day. This is when I truly realised this play was a big deal.

Soon, it was time to enjoy the show. And yes, there is a reason for all the fuss. I have seen numerous plays in my life, in France and in the UK - but this, my friends, is outstanding. During those 3 hours, I never zoned out or thought “I am just here to see Gillian”. I want to keep some things to write about for my post on the play itself so I’ll stop there for now.

After the show, I queued patiently with my drawing and my little green alien plush (the Toy Story alien). I suddenly craved for a strong drink (Two drinks is my limit I say) as I thought I was going to turn absolutely dorky when facing Gillian, i.e. throwing my drawing and stuttering “can you sign programme please thank you love you bye”. This was the woman I had only seen through my TV set: Agent Dana Scully, Doctor Bedelia du Maurier…  And she was now 2 meters away from me.

It went so fast. I can neither confirm nor deny Gillian’s version of events, but if I remember correctly, this is essentially, exactly the way it happened:

Me: Hi! This is a drawing I did for you.
GA: Oh my god, it’s amazing! Look at this! *shows it to her assistant standing behind her*”
Me: Feel free to use it for charity.
GA: I just might actually!
Me: I also got you a little alien (seriously, those were my words…). I made a copy of my drawing, do you mind signing it and my ticket please?
GA: Of course! What’s your name? (Okay, this actually made my whole day - I am so happy she asked for my name and made the autograph personal. It reads: “Kelly, Beautiful drawing! Thank you!”)
Me: Thank you so much! You’re awesome.

And that was that. I had met Gillian, after all those years. I left soon after and I saw her assistant outside with both of my gifts, probably waiting for the car taking Gillian home.

This experience was amazing and I hope I’ll have the chance to meet her again. I’d like to thank everyone who has liked/reblogged my drawing and encouraged me through it all, including: ahandsomebarman , aliens-scullyradosstt (thank you for reminding me of the charity projects where this drawing might end up raising funds!),
fionamartinxoxo,  recklessbabeenigmaticdoctorscullysomewheretonightwecomealive
 ithinksomethingpinkwherehaveallthescullysgonedstoevsky ,
 lebeeson , bedeliadumauriersure-fine-whatever and hannah8bee (who saw me that night and recognized the drawing from Tumblr (!) and took two great pictures of me and Gillian, thank you again!).

I feel like the rest of my life will be one big anti-climax… Until next time, Gilly.

Anonymous said: What did Gillian say when you gave her the drawing? Did she like it???

Hiya Anon! Thanks for your message. Yes, I think she did like it ;). I’m preparing a bigger post about the Streetcar experience with all the details, will be posted by tonight (GMT time)! I will also tag everyone who asked/replied about the Streetcar drawing :)



Gillian Anderson as Blanche Dubois A Streetcar Named Desire

Should I get it signed, keep it and give a copy to Gillian or should I not be a selfish b*tch and give the original to Gilly?

If you like it reblog it but please don’t repost it - or I’ll send Krycek to find you.

Edit: I have decided to give away the original to GA - As radosstt pointed out, she may very well use it for charity (and that would literally make my day!). To be honest, just the fact of her having the original makes my day.
Thank you again for all your advice and support, I’ll let you know what she thinks of it ;).

I saw a fan give a piece of paper to Gillian tonight, and she admired it and showed it to the women behind her. I think that fan was you… :)

I took a photo of you because I remembered seeing you on Tumblr and thought you would like a pic of you and Gillian! (In case you didn’t manage to get one yourself!) Hope that isn’t too weird! Will delete as soon as you tell me too. X
Thank you so much hannah8bee ! Yes, that was definitely me! That’s so amazing - thank you for doing that. I’ll message you asap, if you still want to send me the picture you took :).


On my way home from my second trip to London of the year. That place has me hooked. This time, I went with my mum to see Gillian in Streetcar. It was amazing, the way the room fell silent as she walked in. You don’t fully appreciate how petite she is until you see her up close. She walked in, glamour radiating from her, and everyone in the theatre barely breathed. The young vic is a very unique stage, it’s in a hexagon with the actual stage in the middle. It rotates, which is very useful: at some point, the action is always within touching distance. I was in the second and back row of the top floor, and so on some occasions they were at eye level with me and I could see down on all of the stage.
It was a very intense performance. I have so much admiration for the whole cast, it’s not stop and high octane. It looks physically exhausting. I loved it. I had deliberately only read the play before I went and not seen any other adaptations, but I know that nothing will quite compare to this. It was unique, it was invigorating, it was exciting.
Obviously, the reason I went was to see Gillian in real life. She is such a role model for me, it was amazing to finally have her in the same room as me, and she was as every bit as captivating as she is on the small screen. My mum commented on how skinny she is and how well she walks in heels. I hope when I am Gillian’s age I am that kind of woman: feminine and yet fiercely driven and busy. She obviously enjoys and takes great pride in her work, all traits I have a huge amount of respect for. It’s harrowing to see her unravelling as Blanche screams on the ground, but that’s how wonderfully she acts - you forget she isn’t Blanche, nor is she Stella or Scully and yet immediately these iconic women come to mind when you think of Gillian Anderson. She consumes a role, it does not consume her, for she keeps growing and changing and adapting. On stage, all eyes were on her. At the end, she awkwardly bowed to all parts of the audience. She almost looked as if she felt she did not deserve the praise. She said no words, but when she made eye contact with the audience you know that it was not through rudeness or the fact she believed herself to be above it, I feel that she was truly too shy too, like she had no words to convey her feelings about the fact she caused the whole thing to sell out twice and cause all the drama she has at the young vic. At the end, I know a lot of people stick around to see her and I thought about it but at the time I didn’t feel it was right, I just felt that she must be exhausted and would just want to go home. I know I would. However, with hindsight I realise that she probably quite enjoys it. Ah well. I am seriously contemplating going down again just for that part, but I will have to see how funds go.
I hope everyone else who is going enjoys their experience as much as I did. I am so, so glad I went as I know she will probably never do anything like this again. Saying that, I am sure the young vic will be desperate to have her back so we may get lucky! I know that if I they do I will be there once again, loving every second.

I was there that evening, I was sat outside the bar when you took this picture (just a bit further on the left of this picture). I am going to make a post about it today, only just got back from London. All I can say is that it was the best money I have spent in a very very long time…






look its transparent

Mulder & Scully swag.

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Anonymous said: Damn, you're a good drawer! Am I jealous or what...?

Thank you lovely Anon! Please don’t be jealous, I have a lot to improve and if anything, I just spent two full days on this because I am crazy.

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