The X-Files, basically.

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The truth is out there. But so are lies.

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Blanche DuBoisA Streetcar Named Desire (WIP 3)

This is taking me forever, I’m sorry… I want the skin to be better! I want more details, I want it to be realistic but I can’t seem to get it right! Ugh…

Advice from you guys is more than welcomed! :)

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Gillian Anderson at the 3rd Annual WilliamVintage dinner.

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Blanche DuBois A Streetcar Named Desire (WIP 2)

Second WIP of many… even more than many because I literally don’t know what I am doing and will probably become blind from old age before I finish this. It’s the first time I do skin in colour, or anything really in colour, with Photoshop and I now wish the world was black and white.

P.S.: aliens-scully, that’s the one eye ;)!

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x-files meme: [1/3] objects | ”i want to believe” posters

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Why am I doing this to myself?! Why colouring, why! I literally have no clue of what I am doing, playing with layers and stuff…

Anonymous said: I have seen people mention something along the lines of a "thigh squeeze" at sdcc. I've watched the video. Double D brushes her leg briefly during a time she is laughing but its obviously nothing mire. What am I missing?


I believe people are referring to whatever it is exactly that happened here:


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A big part of me wants a third X-Files movie just for Tumblr’s reaction.

Like you thought Sherlock Fandom waking up was something?

Fucking brace yourself for us.


“There’s no business like showbusiness”


These two in hipster fashion is very important


5x12: Bad Blood

Favorite Mulder / Scully Moments: When Scully mistook Mulder’s cry for help for phonesexin’. 

Aaaaannnd it’s 4 am again. Goodnight! (Well, technically Good Morning but details, details).