Gillian Anderson and Ben Foster in A Streetcar Named Desire.

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Everything is Streetcar on my dashboard and nothing hurts…

Actually my soul hurts for Blanche. But damn, it was so amazing!

Anonymous said: How did I figure out how impressed I was last night???? By realizing that I haven't even thought about how much sex these 2 are having for the past 12 hours since I saw the play! All I want to think about or talk about is Gillian being Blanche. :-)


Yes, suddenly nothing else matters to me. I just want to write paragraphs and paragraphs about Gillian and Blanche until the end of time. 

I want to talk about the delivery of some of my favorite lines.

I want to talk about the ape monologue and “may I speak plainly?” 

I want to talk about how proud she is of her ridiculous princess dress and tiara and how she needs something appropriate “for the tropics” even though she currently can’t even stand up right.

I want to talk about her telling Stanley that her tiara has rhinestones, not diamonds.

I want to talk about how heartbreaking it is when she is talking about being called “morally unfit for her position” and I want to talk about the sad, desperate laugh that Gillian lets out when she says that line. 

I want to talk about her speaking French.



First Video submission. Eternally grateful.

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allthewayfrombelfast and for people who couldn’t go last night! 


Thinking about how far Gillian Anderson has come in her career. She’s truly an inspiration.

Seriously though, look at that child on the left. She didn’t believe she was strong enough to play strong women convincingly. Now people FLOCK to the woman on the right to play those strong women. And it’s given her enough confidence and enough freedom to play one of the most difficult characters to play in theater. And she fucking killed it. 


If she doesn’t win anything for this role - I swear - I quit life.

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“…there will be a tremendous amount [of sexual tension] between Bedelia and Hannibal in the third season.”

Bryan Fuller, here.

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queenclaudiajean replied to your post: Can we talk about the humor that was i…

I KNOWWW i was so surprised by how funny it was. but they all had such natural comic timing that it worked, it’s so great that they did, because otherwise it’d feel like such long, drawn-out tension

Yes! it was so natural, and it was definitely needed, you’re SO RIGHT. 

allthewayfrombelfast replied to your post:

"May I speak plainly?" made me cackle. The delivery of the line and the smug yet oblivious look on Gillian’s face when she says it.

And LOL like the pause where the audience just exploded into laughter between that line and Vanessa’s… snort. I just. I don’t know how Gillian didn’t explode into her famous giggle. 

xfiles-behind-the-scenes replied to your post:

No. We can’t talk about any of these things Carla. Jesus I’m already so far in the feels dungeon there is no hope of event seeing daylight ever again.


… which makes it hot and difficult to breathe. 

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Anonymous said: After seeing SND last night, I am now convinced Gillian doesn't fully realize how brilliant of an actor she truly is. I mean, delivering those extended monologues, making it look like she is not putting in any extra effort is just unreal. It was like she was born to play this part. I would bet good money that every remake of this play in the future is going to be compared to her performance. It will be a crime if she doesn't receive every British award allocated to the stage.



I didn’t see the entire thing last night, but I did see a lot of the major Blanche scenes and I’ll say this … I expected it to be good, after reading all of the reviews, but I don’t think anything ever really blows me away. I can’t remember any performances that had a physical impact on me until I saw this. I was TREMBLING watching her answer the door to the people who will take her away. Hiding in the bathroom and saying “please, I don’t know you, get away from me…” 

I said this before and other people have said the same thing, but there isn’t a hint of anyone recognizable in Gillian’s portrayal of Blanche. This actress, who a lot of us have seen over many years do many different things, is pretty easily recognizable to most of us. We know her face, her voice, her mannerisms. But then she gets on stage and gives a performance like this and it’s suddenly Gillian who? Scully who? Stella who? Bedelia who? There isn’t a GLIMPSE of any of them in this.

When I first heard Gillian really start to talk about this role, she said something along the lines of “Blanche is in my bones” and I distinctly remember reading that and rolling my eyes a bit at her because it sounded a little dramatic and it’s something that so many actors always say - that there is a role they were born to play - and it’s very rarely true. It feels true to them, but it doesn’t come through in their performances. But Gillian was spot on, this is something she was always meant to do, and it’s almost as if Blanche is written for her. She was made for this. You don’t even feel like you’re watching a production when you watch her.

I’m rambling, but I’m still reeling from the parts that I saw. Gillian’s comedic timing and delivery is ON POINT but the really magical thing about that is that once you find yourself laughing at Blanche, there’s a look on her face or a tremble in her voice and suddenly you feel bad for laughing because you’re reminded that she’s not intentionally funny. She’s a deluded mess and she’s falling apart and you shouldn’t be laughing at her even though the words and delivery are funny. It makes you feel like a voyeur, like you’re watching and hearing things you aren’t meant to see or hear and you want to get out of this apartment because it’s suffocating and you’re laughing and you shouldn’t be but what else is there to do? It’s uncomfortable and painful.

Gillian somehow makes it so that you realize that Blanche is fucking exhausting - a lying fantasist who is teetering on the edge of madness - and you feel sorry for everyone who has to deal with her bullshit BUT THEN … you also feel sorry for Blanche, you want to take her and protect her from herself and save her from the inevitability of her destruction but you can’t. She can’t be saved, can’t be helped, and there’s nothing you can do but watch her be carted away. She makes you feel so conflicted, so SAD for her, and she does it in a way that’s not even the least bit melodramatic. It’s hard to play genuinely insane because it’s so easy to be over the top about it. But Gillian’s portrayal of a slow descent into darkness is so subtle. She’s fidgety, she struggles to walk or stand properly sometimes, her eyes don’t focus, her nervous laughter makes you realize she’s so far gone. 

Whoever called this performance a masterclass in acting is spot on. It’s exactly what it is. Performance of her career. There’s no topping this.

Okay, I’m sorry I just started ranting at you, but I think I’m going to talk about Streetcar until the day I die. 

All of this is spot on. I just need to add that I think Gillian Anderson is incredibly fucking brave to do this performance day in and day out. She leaves it all on the stage and bares her soul to the audience. It’s unbelievable the amount of endurance she has. This is acting it’s finest.


"I’m not accustomed to having more than one drink. Two is the limit."

Make this a DVD!

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Gillian Anderson as Blanche Dubois in A Streetcar Named Desire.

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Not ashamed to say I’m waiting for some IWTB fan art by aliens-scully like no one’s business!


In The X-files we don’t say “I love you,” we say… …In fact we don’t say anything. We hold hands and touch foreheads. Lots of gazing. And then we have secret sex. And I think that’s beautiful

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